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Pharma Nord has been making and supplying pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements for more than 30 years. Represented in over 45 countries worldwide, we have grown to become the largest manufacturer of supplements in Northern Europe. Our product range is over 50 strong with a total of 2000 variations.

Pharma Nord (UK) Ltd has been operating from the heart of Northumberland for over 25 years, with an impeccable reputation in the health food and pharmaceutical trade.

These days, consumers of food supplements demand and deserve products which work. Products that are based on clear scientific evidence, which have noticeable, measurable and positive effects on health. The entire Pharma Nord range is manufactured to high standards of efficacy and contains natural, carefully sourced ingredients.

The guidelines for dietary supplements vary internationally with many identical Pharma Nord products being sold as prescription medicines in one country and food supplements in another. Our approach is such that our whole range is made to meet medicinal standards, a guarantee of safety and consistency.

You can count on us for support and authoritative information concerning current developments in the food supplement and nutrition industries.

Message from our Managing Director

Bent HenriksenThank you for visiting MultiVits Ltd!
Those of us who are passionate about good health believe that much of the disease we face in the modern world is connected to the way we live. Our exercise levels, diet, stress, alcohol consumption and tobacco use have a huge influence on our health.

To combat the effects of modern living on our health, quality of life and overall lifespan, we need to make sure our body gets the key nutrients it needs. Many of these essential nutrients are sorely lacking in the modern diet. This is why we choose supplements.

Such is our unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, we have compiled a database of over 7,000 articles and there are over 280 publications qualifying the effectiveness of our products. We continue to support a number of UK and international universities and charities who use our supplements in research, often as the industry benchmark.

Pharma Nord were first to bring Co-enzyme Q10 to Europe and have developed a patented Selenium yeast and organic chromium, processed on-site for quality and consistency. Our fish oil is proven to be as effective for your health as eating fresh fish, without the risk of toxicity.

In an industry often clouded with scepticism and rogue traders, we rely on our ethically led approach to supplements. All we do must be supported by strong scientific evidence, fulfill an essential need and deliver the highest quality and value for money. Our door is always open to those who wish to put our range to the test.

In the UK we have a loyal customer base who freely offer up their own stories to illustrate the difference our products have made to their quality of life. It is for this reason that we strive to raise awareness about how scientifically well-founded, supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs can positively support us in our modern lifestyles.

We appreciate your interest and our Customer Service team is waiting to help you.

Kind regards and good health

Bent Henriksen O.B.E. (Hons)
Managing Director, Pharma Nord (UK) Ltd.

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