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Glucosamine is also available in the form of a cream, Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream from Pharma Nord contains MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane), a natural substance. Glucosamine Cream with MSM is formulated to help soothe aching joints and maintain normal joint mobility. 

Why Pharma Nord Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream:

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Combined supplement to help maintain the cartilage in the joints.
  • Glucosamine sulphate is the most readily absorbed (>90%) from the digestive tract and the most readily incorporated into the joint tissues.
  • MSM helps to maintain the flexibility of joints.
  • MSM increases the absorption of Glucosamine when applied to the skin.

What is Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring sugar molecule, which contributes to collagen formation for normal functioning of bones and cartilage. Glucosamine is produced within the body, but levels reduce with increasing age.

MSM is a natural occurring organic sulphur-containing substance (required by the body for normal growth and development). which is found in grain products, legumes, eggs and red meat. MSM is required for the normal formation of bone and collagen in connective tissues.

Glucosamine Cream with MSM also contains menthol and Japanese Mint (menthe arvensis) as well as herbal extracts of Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus Aculeates) and Hawaiian white ginger (Hedychium coronarium).

What does Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream do?

Glucosamine is used within the body to form more complex molecules, which are necessary for the maintenance and repair of cartilage and other connective tissues (ligaments, tendons) in joints. MSM helps to maintain normal flexibility of joints and arteries. MSM also increases transdermal (skin) absorption of glucosamine.

How much should you apply?

Pharma Nord recommends the cream should be applied to painful areas 2-3 times per day by gently massaging in circular motions until the cream is absorbed.

It is also recommended to clean and dry the skin before application.

Are there adverse effects from using Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream?

Not suitable for those with an allergy to shellfish.

There are no known side effects, contra-indications or drug interactions.

Pregnant or lactating women and those on medication should consult a doctor before using this product.

Name and Package:

The name of the preparation is Bio-Glucosamine + MSM Cream. It is sold in a 75ml tube.

Product Information:

Declared contents:

  • Glucosamine
  • Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM)

Component Substances:

  • Solvent: Water
  • Emollient: Polydecene
  • Glucosamine
  • Dimethyl sulfone
  • Emollient: Glyceryl Stearate
  • Emollient:Cetyl Alchol
  • Emollient:Glycerin
  • Ruscus aculeatus root extract (Common name:Butchers Broom)
  • Emulsifier:PEG-40 castor oil
  • Menthol
  • Mentha arvensis leaf extract* (Common name: Corn mint)
  • Hedychium coronarium root extract (Common name: White ginger lily)
  • Solvent:Alcohol
  • Thickener: Xantham Gum
  • Preservative:Methylparaben
  • Preservative: Propylparaben

*contains d-limonene

Quality Requirements:

The raw materials comply with government regulations in the EC and Scandinavia.

Testing ensures that the raw materials are in accordance with their certificates of analysis.

Shelf Life:

Minimum 2 years.


Product to be stored at room temperature.

Product Rights:

The rights to this product belong to:

Pharma Nord ApS, Denmark.

Fiona Drummond | 16/08/2013

I take Bio Glucosamine & MSM cream for my joints that are arthritic - hey it does work! I always keep a tube handy at home and on holiday.

M Grant, Manchester | 25/08/2011

I'm a skilled tradesman. I make my living with my hands, but the pain in my hands was so severe I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep, I became a walking zombie.

Since taking Glucosamine MSM cream I don't have pain like I used to at all. It really has changed my life and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's been like a miracle for me.

The pain was in both hands and I developed red marks going up my arm.

I was prescribed antibiotics, but although they seemed to work at first, the problem soon returned. It was so painful I couldn't work and I could barely sleep at night.

I spoke to my GP and went to see a specialist, but everything I tried helped at first, but stopped working eventually, so I started to turn to alternative, homeopathic treatments.

But again, nothing seemed to really help. It was a chance occurrence that finally led me to Pharma Nord's Glucosamine MSM cream.

My wife was buying vitamins from a nearby health food store and the very helpful lady who worked there put a number of leaflets for other products in her bag.

One of the leaflets was for Glucosamine MSM cream and I found myself reading it that night. It was so convincing, I decided to buy some and give it a try.

After so many failed attempts to relieve the pain in my hands I had no expectations, but within minutes of applying the cream I could feel something happening.

At first I thought it had to be my imagination. It couldn't work that quickly, but the more I used it the better I felt. I was able to work again and get on with my life.

The marks on my hands, which were bright red have now almost gone and the pain is greatly reduced.

I keep a constant supply of Glucosamine MSM cream on me at all times. I keep a tube in my pockets, in the car, at work, and all the rooms of my house. I have to make sure I'm never without it and take it everywhere with me - even on holiday. And I recommend it to everyone I talk to. It's my miracle cream.

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