Pill Crusher + Storage Compartment

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Pharma Nord Pill Crusher and Storage Compartment is an all in one product. Designed to split, crush and store pills, making it easier to take medication and supplements. The pill crusher is useful for children or those with difficulty swallowing.

Pharma Nord Pill Crusher and Storage Compartment uses a screw action to crush pills into a powder. In the middle there is a handy dual pill compartment to store the pills needed for the day. The Pill Crusher and Storage Compartment is ideal for travelling.

Cathy Preece | 18/06/2017

I bought this in December 2016 and it has already broken. Is there something sturdier? It did the job well, but didn't last

Marilyn Warner | 21/08/2014

This pill crusher has a splitter, a crusher and a compartment to store pills. Excellent value, if a little slow in arriving. It was rather over packaged.

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